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03-04-21 Saige Space Blue & Bald Point-4

Hi! I'm Saige Roberts.

Saige Seadae is my business name and I'm a portrait photographer located in north Florida. I specialize in photographing independent women of all ages who are on a path of showing up and being seen in their lives.

Whether you're looking to grow your business, celebrate a moment in your life or embrace your body confidence and self love, I know how empowering a great photo can be.

You see, I've struggled with serious self doubt for a long time and learned to become invisible. When I started taking self portraits some years ago, something incredible happened. I started seeing myself in a new way, as if I was looking at myself from an outsiders perspective. And you know what? I started to appreciate what I saw more and more.


Over time, as I was also photographing other people, I began to see that I wasn't really as different and awkward as I had imagined. It turns out, my insecurities were pretty normal. I realized the parts of me that are unique, from the inside out, are especially worth sharing. In fact, that's exactly WHY we should share the things that make us different. Because it is ours to share and might just be the thing someone else needs.

When it comes to being photographed. I find the hardest part of being in front of the camera for many people is allowing themselves to be vulnerable and open to being truly seen.

You don't need to be a model or know how to pose. It's my job to help you relax and to create a comfortable space for you to feel free to be yourself. I'm here to hold that space for you whenever you're ready.

Get in touch so I can learn how you want to see yourself and we can start the creative process of creating beautiful images together!

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